I have a hernia. Will this disqualify me from passing a DOT physical?

If the hernia does not interfere with your operation of a commercial motor vehicle, then there is no problem. If you have pain and are limited in some way, then you should take care of the problem before it does become a serious problem.

I had hernia surgery three years ago. There is some scar tissue which causes a little discomfort from time to time but in no way renders me unable to perform any tasks. Will this cause me to fail a DOT physical?

During the examination you will be questioned regarding the hernia surgery. Just let the medical examiner know how this effects you and whether it interferes with your daily activities. Some companies have restrictions, but this is a company policy not a DOT regulation.

I have a hernia that does not give me any trouble. The doctor I saw for my DOT exam says I have to get it repaired before my next exam. What if my regular doctor says that we can do watchful waiting instead of surgery? What are my rights under the law about this?

The DOT examiner is looking at a progressive condition, but if you will take a note from your primary doctor who has evaluated your condition and understands what you really do for a living, then the DOT examiner should consider your primary doctor’s opinion. However, the final decision to certify you, or not, remains with the medical examiner.

What if I have a limb impairment? Am I disqualified?

It is possible to apply for an exemption. FMCSA has a certificate program for drivers with limb impairments. FMCSA also has a special certification program for drivers with missing limbs. (see FMCSA Skill Performance Evaluation)